Filoxeniatms in numbers

Nov 14 2022

Filoxeniatms in numbers

Established April 2014, our company has managed over 40 properties (Hotels, Studio Apts, Private Villas) throughout all these years. Currently, year 2022, our portofolio consists 26 properties, 20 of them have been our non stop business partners for the last 7 years.

Significantly, figures of what we have produced for the last 4 years:

2018-19 properties-2050M turnover-44500 room nights-94000 overnights

2019-20 properties-2200M turnover-42000 room nights-90000 overnights

2020-20 properties-1600M turnover-22150 room nights-45000 overnights

2021-27 properties-1900M turnover-31000 room nights-71000 overnights

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